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Putco 700010P - H10 LED Kit 2500 Lumens (2)

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Series: Nitro-Lux
Socket: - H10 / - 9145
Quantity: 1 pair
Kelvin: 6500K
Lumens: 5000lm (per kit)
Voltage: 12-24V
Wattage: 24W (per kit)
Putco’s most powerful bulb ever designed for maximum down-road punch
High spec tower
Fully anodized non-reflective nickel finish to eliminate light ray interference inside lamp
New built in collar design allows for quick and easy adjustment of light beam
Nitro-Lux LED is even slimmer with an industry leading footprint to fit into modern - Headlamps minimal - Housing space
Exclusive patented - Heat sink
Exclusive solid state design for maximum performance, long life, and superior scientifically proven - Heat mitigation
Anti-flicker driver box
Tough Seal 22 podding
NEW miniature capacitors eliminate external anti-flicker module
Reduces size of driver box by 30%
Nylon braided sleeve
Braided from 10 mil polyethylene terephthalate (PET) monofilament fibers
Abrasion resistant sleeving
Material - Has a wide operating temperature range, resistant to UV radiation
Precision terminal systems
Perfect fitment with existing OEM - Harness.
100% water and dust proof
Twist lock & slide pressure locks for OEM guarantee flawless contact points

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Manufacturer Part #:700010