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Nokya NOK6621 881 Halogen Kit Hyper Yellow (2)

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Nokya Hyundai Accent Arctic Yellow Fog Light bulbs are one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Though they are widely distributed throughout the industry, and their quality rivals that of the German and Japanese lighting giants, they do almost no marketing, instead pouring every dollar into the development and optimization of their Fog Lamp Bulb line. The result is the unsung hero of automotive lighting and favorite of automotive enthusiasts in the know; Nokya Pro-Halogens. This pair of Hyundai Accent aftermarket Foglight Bulbs is from Nokya's Arctic Yellow Bulb Line. Hyundai Accent Yellow light is remarkable in that it actually provides more visibility than traditional light from clear bulbs. This is especially true in rain, snow, and foggy conditions, as the yellow color causes less glare, thus the reason many foglamp Bulbs are yellow. Nokya is proud to be one of only a handful of companies that produce a true acrtic yellow Hyundai Accent bulb, and they are very popular among JDM tuners. They also serve well in fog light and high beam in applications to serve as a nice complimentary contrast to stock or white headlight colors. These Nokya Hyundai Accent Replacement Fog Light bulbs are also low wattage, preventing the chance of increased wear to your stock headlight harnesses. As with all the Hyundai Accent aftermarket fog lamp bulbs though, Nokya Heavy Duty harnesses are recommended as a precautionary measure.

Installation kit

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Manufacturer Part #:NOK6621
Bulb Socket:881